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Becoming a student is a huge step in anyone's life - there are many things to deal with, such as exams, meeting new people and making new friends, dealing with life away from home, and many other highs and lows.
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Accommodation: Types of Student Accommodation, Interviewing Potential Flatmates,...
Coping Away from Home
Coping Away from Home: Housekeeping and Cleaning, Learning to Cook,...
Mature Students
Mature Students: How to 'Fit In' as a Mature Student, Getting a Place at University as...
Relationships: Coming Out at Uni, Blind Dates, Dating at University, Moving in with...
Socialising: Making New Friends, Alcohol Free Fun, Advice On Joining University...
Societies & Clubs
Societies & Clubs: All About Art and Performing Arts Clubs, Types of Clubs and...
Staying at Home
Staying at Home: Make the Most of Your Commute to University, Stay Healthy as a...
Studying: Essay Writing, Study Skills, Time Management Tips and Techniques, How...
Work: Lunch and Dinner Interviews, Getting Along with Co-Workers, Tips...
Your Finances
Your Finances: The Facts About Student Banking, Travel Expenses at University,...
Latest Comments
  • Studentastic
    Re: Get Yourself a NUS Card
    @vivskidd as far as I know, yes you still need one. If you are applying online you can upload a JPEG ( less than 125 kilobytes in file…
    13 October 2014
  • vivskidd
    Re: Get Yourself a NUS Card
    Does the nus card no longer require a photo
    12 October 2014
  • beauty
    Re: Get Yourself a NUS Card
    i am a student can i have an application form for a NUS card please
    11 October 2014
  • Frankie
    Re: Get Yourself a NUS Card
    @psb, it tells you in the article which number to ring and how to apply.
    30 September 2014
  • PSB
    Re: Get Yourself a NUS Card
    My daughter is enrolled in a private college in Merseyside . They do not issue ids or have a student union. Can she apply for a NUS card…
    29 September 2014
  • chels
    Re: Get Yourself a NUS Card
    please could you let me know how to apply for a student discount card please. I have started a course at NCN Nottingham Clarendon College…
    28 September 2014
  • JAMES98
    Re: Get Yourself a NUS Card
    26 September 2014
  • goonzie
    Re: Get Yourself a NUS Card
    how do i get a nuc card please?
    24 September 2014
  • Annie
    Re: Get Yourself a NUS Card
    I start a 3 year course @liverpool university in October, I am a mature student doing a distance course, does this entitle me to an NUS…
    15 September 2014
  • Munchkin
    Re: Get Yourself a NUS Card
    I am a 16 year old student studying childcare at New College Nottingham Basford hall I have recieved a letter stating that I am entitled…
    14 September 2014
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